Virtualization and Cloud Services

As enterprises grow, IT organizations have historically added computing capacity in the form of new servers. The resulting "server sprawl" is costly in terms of investment and people needed to operate, manage and upgrade servers.

Virtualization allows organizations to mask the services provided by individual systems and place them in a virtual environment. Simply, virtualization increases resource sharing and utilization whilst maintaining the capacity to expand later.

We focus on designing and implementing virtualized solutions using industry best-practices to meet customer needs. We are partnered with the leading virtualization vendors in the industry and our expertise with these products is significant. We are experienced in implementing virtualized solutions for data center consolidation, development and test environments, and disaster recovery.

Torus Group LLC qualified virtualization/cloud engineers provide a broad spectrum of virtualization/cloud services to Small - Large companies (Click on the links below to examine what we offer):

Torus Group LLC can help keep your IT growth, implementation, and support needs in line with your business plan.

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