Network Engineering Services: Security and VPN Design

Whether you need to protect a single Local Area Network (LAN), allow secure remote access for your telecommuters and mobile users, or build a Virtual Private network (VPN) among many Internet-connected branch offices, Torus Group LLC has a security solution to fit your needs. We believe in a relationship-based approach, which means we work with you to understand your business objectives in order to truly provide solid network solutions.

Torus Group LLC Security and VPN Design Services provide Internet/Intranet security design as well as Virtual Private Network (VPN) design and implementation are scaled to the complexity of the project and customized for each client. This includes:

  • Developing and implementing e-commerce security
  • Secure remote user access
  • Router and firewall configuration
  • Telecommuting solutions
  • Proven, tested access control rules base (IP source routing, spoofing, etc.)

If you would like to see how we can help you make your IT investment support you business objectives, please click here to contact us.