Network Engineering Services: Operation and Support

The challenge of keeping your network operating at its full potential can overwhelm an in-house staff. Our Operation and Support Service provides our clients with the services necessary to keep their networks and systems operation at an optimal level. All Torus Group LLC engineers have extensive, real world experience with open and proprietary network environments.

Network Operation and Support Services are scaled to the complexity of the project and customized for each client. Depending on the scope and content of the project, specific operations activities often include:

  • Network utilization analysis, involving ongoing measurement of network activity against established network baselines
  • Managing the change control process, including planned network outages
  • Ongoing documentation of physical assets, topologies, policies and procedures
  • Problem diagnosis and coordination of service providers
  • Documenting operating practices, policies and procedures
  • Network backup, including disaster recovery procedures
  • Performing or supervising routine moves, additional and changes

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