IT Planning Services

CIO on Demand – IT Strategic Planning

Considering that IT continues to grow in complexity and that IT is not the core business of most organizations, IT outsourcing and consulting is gaining widespread acceptance. Large companies have a luxury as they have the resources to keep a CIO, CTO, and IT staff on payroll. Small or medium businesses do not have that luxury.

Many organizations have realized the benefits of engaging a trusted Information Technology partner to assist in utilizing technology to accomplish short and long-term business goals. Torus Group LLC has evolved a structured approach that synergistically folds the Torus Group LLC team into a client's business planning process. As the participating technology partner, Torus Group LLC ensures the alignment of IT planning and execution with business goals of the enterprise.

Torus Group LLC provides firms with a CIO-on-Demand capability allowing companies to refocus their intellectual capital on the core business execution. By focusing on the ever changing IT landscape, Torus Business Group LLC provides the technical knowledge and understanding required to support an effective IT strategy. By leveraging IT expertise into a structured, practical implementation methodology, Torus Group LLC provides the means to support the business plan's execution and the realization of planned results.

Torus Group LLC's IT service offerings span Professional, Maintenance and Managed Services. Professional Services focus on providing support or complete ownership of IT Assessment, Planning and Management. Our Managed Services offerings enable our client's to focus on core business by providing on-going IT support services at an enterprise level. Finally, our Maintenance Services give our client's the option of offloading specific services typically on a fee-for service-basis.

    Our services include:
  • Business Analysis and Consulting
  • IT Needs Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Solution Finding
  • Vendor Management

Torus Group LLC can help keep your IT growth, implementation, and support needs in line with your business plan.

If you would like to see how we can help you make your IT investment support you business objectives, please click here to contact us.