Internet Security Services

Safely connecting to the modern internet has become a challenge that often exceeds internal resources. Developing and maintaining a secure Internet presence is a complex task as today's modern company is subject to a wide variety of threats including denial of service attacks, port scans, worms, trojans, botnets, and application exploits.

Internet-borne threats account for 99 percent of threats to network security and your most important business tools, email and the web, are one of the main conduits for such attacks.

Developing a comprehensive solution requires effectively blending together many components such as routers, intrusion detection, protocol filters, anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam into an effective integrated solution. For most companies, such a task is expensive, time consuming, and requires high level skills sometimes not available.

Torus Group LLCs experienced and qualified engineers will work with you to develop a comprehensive solution to optimize your presence on and access to the Internet while providing enterprise-class protection for you vital corporate information at a price level that fits your budget.

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