Dedicated Hosting / Co-Location Services: Managed Security

Security is one of the most important issues for internet exposed servers yet something most companies ignore until it is too late. Torus Business Group LLC offers a number of different security services for our customers to protect their servers.

Security Service Package Descriptions

Security Services Package

  • Virus Scan - MS Windows only - per server
  • Security Scan - per server
  • Firewall Services

Security Services Package Add-ons

  • Customized Security Services (Fee-based)

Security Service Descriptions

Virus Scan
Torus Business Group LLC will load the latest version of McAfee Anti-Virus on your system. It will continually scan your system to prevent known viruses from infecting your server.

Security Scan
All servers are audited for security holes before being placed onto our network. However, new holes are constantly exposed in operating systems by hackers and security organizations. Other security exposures can occur during normal administrative work undertaken by the customer. Torus Business Group LLC will scan a server on the 1st and 15th of each month for any new security holes. The customer will receive a notification immediately after a completed scan, and a report will be posted on a password protected web server. The scan report details every port and service running on your server, lists known security problems associated with each, and if appropriate, provides suggested course of action to correct potential problems. Of course, Torus Business Group LLC's security engineers are always available to assist in administering any patches or resolving any security problems.

If you do not have the expertise to close the holes identified by Torus Business Group LLC’s Security Scan, you may opt for Torus Business Group LLC to manage the security process for you. A Torus Business Group LLC engineer will review your monthly scans for potential security risks, communicate findings to you, schedule patch installations, and install the patches for you at no additional charge.

Firewall Services
Torus Business Group LLC offers a number of different firewall services to meet the needs of our customers. Torus Business Group LLC's managed firewall service provides day-to-day management of the firewall. In conjunction with our Private Networking services, customers receive the highest level of network security possible. Torus Business Group LLC's security team works with customers to configure an optimal balance of security and functionality for their environment.

Our managed firewall service includes monitoring of the firewall and response to security events. Torus Business Group LLC will monitor all managed firewalls and provide up to two configuration changes, event responses, or patch installations per month, totaling less than one hour of labor after the initial firewall configuration.

Please note that customers WILL NOT have access to their firewalls for management purposes when Torus Business Group LLC is managing the firewall.