Dedicated Hosting / Co-Location Services

Operating and maintaining a reliable server location can be costly and time consuming, particularly when it’s not part of your core business. However with Torus Business Group LLC’s dedicated hosting / co-location solutions, the operation of your server can be worry free, reliable, and lightning fast.

Get your servers set up with Torus Business Group LLC and don’t channel your expensive internal resources into maintaining expensive equipment and operating expenses. Whether you seek to run a Web site, remote email, a database, a CRM, or any other application that requires a dedicated server (furnished by you or custom built by Torus Business Group LLC), Torus Business Group LLC can co-locate your servers in our state-of-the-art data center which provides you with enhanced performance, power and reliability. Our dedicated hosting / co-location services come with a level of scalability and customization that will grow with your online business and is available via two plans.

Server Co-Location - if you are looking to co-locate one or a few servers, this option is the most appropriate and economical for you. Billed by server number and size, plus traffic. Best option for one or a few servers and low traffic (bandwidth).

Full Rack Co-location - if you have many servers to co-locate, then this option will be the most appropriate and economical. Billed by rack number (regardless of server number in each) and bandwidth. This option is generally best for those with 8+ servers and or a few servers and a need for sustained bandwidth (traffic).

In addition to Dedicated Hosting / Co-Location, we offer a wide range of Dedicated Hosting / Co-location managed services (click on the links below to learn about what we offer):

Please note that further advanced services, such as server clustering solutions, unique web host service options, and special ASP server co-location services, are available upon request.

To order services or inquire for further details, please contact our professional, dedicated Co-location Team directly.

Included with Dedicated Hosting / Co-location Support:

Our facilities will provide:

  1. Server rack or shelf space
  2. Power for server
  3. 100Mb/s Fast Ethernet connection (note: your server must have a 100Mb/s NIC)
  4. Fully air conditioned facilities
  5. UPS & battery protection.

We provide support in relation to the following issues only:

  1. 3 hours initial support with installation of your server
  2. Access to the server on 48 hours notice except in the event of an emergency
  3. Access to server limited to 2 one hour scheduled visits per month
  4. Power cycle the server upon request

We do not support:

  1. Any server hardware/application/software maintenance (unless additional service agreed)
  2. Management support of the server (unless additional service agreed)