Dedicated Hosting / Co-Location Services: Managed Backup

Torus Business Group LLC understands the importance of our customer's data. Our Network Backup Solution is a comprehensive data preservation and storage solution. We can also support backup of live SQL Server databases without downtime.

If you wish to ensure that you can always recover from a catastrophic event such as a hard disk failure there is absolutely no substitute to regular backup of your data. Torus Business Group LLC offers a number of backup services to protect valuable data on your servers. Our services range from simple tape swaps on your equipment to comprehensive backups on our high performance storage system.

Backup Services Package Description

Managed Backup Administration Package

   Backups via our network center tape libraries
   Daily full-image data backups
   Daily system image backups
   Weekly off-site full image rotation
   Backup troubleshooting
   10 GB base storage allotment

Managed Backup Administration Add-ons

   Additional storage in 1GB, 5GB, 10GB, 25GB, 50GB, and 100GB allotments
   On-demand restores from tape
   Customized off-site full image rotation
   Daily tape change - Customer equipment
   Custom schedule tape changes - customer equipment
   Customized backup services (Fee-based)

Network Backup Solution: Full Weekly Backup With Daily Incrementals

Torus Business Group LLC saves you the expense and headaches of managing tape backups. We will backup files you specify to our centralized high-speed storage system and store them for safe keeping. Tapes are sent off-site weekly while the current week's tapes are retained onsite for quick restoration.

  • Nightly Incremental Backup
  • Weekly Full Backup

Backups on Customer Equipment

If your configuration has its own backup hardware we will perform daily tape changes to your specifications for a fixed monthly cost. If you require periodic assistance with changing tapes then our normal time and materials rates apply.