Managed Services: Managed Administration

The cost of hiring qualified engineering and technical expertise is growing every month. Retaining people is even more difficult. When companies outsource their web infrastructure administration to Torus Business Group LLC, it allows them to focus on their core competencies.

System Administration Package Description

Microsoft System Administration Package

  • Operating System Installation
  • Re-Installation as necessary
  • Application of patches and upgrades as necessary
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Log file rotation
  • Monitoring of log file alerts
  • Hardware and OS alert monitoring

Microsoft System Administration Add-ons

  • Advanced System Administration Services (Fee-based)

Note: To qualify for a System Administration package Torus Business Group LLC must do the initial Operating System Load or be allowed to reload the Operating System.

System Administration Feature Details

Operating System Re-Installation
Torus Business Group LLC will reinstall or upgrade any supported operating system within 4 hours of request.

If the operating system type or version has changed, additional charges may apply for the new or upgraded license (such as upgrading from Windows NT to Windows 2000).

Apply Operating System Patches
Periodically operating system patches and Service packs become available for Microsoft Systems. Torus Business Group LLC will notify client of new patch availability.

Torus Business Group LLC will install on system patches that are made available for Windows Operating Systems upon receiving written approval from customer. Patches on Unix based systems will be loaded only upon request by customer.

Although each patch is tested prior to installation, Torus Business Group LLC cannot guarantee patches will not harm other software and applications on the server. Customers should research the compatibility of these patches and verify that they will function properly with all third party software installed on the server before approving installation.

Operating System Troubleshooting
If the problem is with the Operating system, we will resolve the issue at no cost to you.

If the problem is with the way a custom script or a non-supported third party software interacts with the Operating System we will assist with identification of the source of the problem at no charge. Labor to solve the problem caused by other software is billable at normal time and materials rates.

Operating System Repair
Torus Business Group LLC will repair any operating system problems that occur as a result of normal daily usage. Normal daily usage is defined as using the software for what is was designed (i.e. IIS for serving web content, etc...).

Log File Rotation
Torus Business Group LLC will install scripts on your system to rotate, archive, and delete old log files.

Log File Alerts
Log files on the client’s server will be monitored by Torus Business Group LLC’s N-Compass service. Log file entries will be filtered and tickets created automatically for critical issues.

Hardware and OS Alert Monitoring
The hardware components and basic operating system components on the client's server will be monitored by Torus Business Group LLC's N-Compass service. Alerts will be filtered and tickets created automatically for critical issues.

Hourly Engineering Assistance

Torus Business Group LLC's engineers can help our customers ensure the most robust system possible. We will work with customers to assist them in a number of areas including architectural and system design, security infrastructure design, network design, systems management and maintenance and application load testing and code review.