About Us

Torus Group LLC delivers results through effective use of information technology. Recognizing the crucial role of information in today's businesses, we seek to exploit applicable technology that makes business sense for our clients. With the ability to integrate business, technical and organizational understanding, we can help clients to successfully realize their business objectives. Torus Group LLC contributes to all phases of projects, from the early stages of developing strategic goals, to the final stage of implementing a technical solution.

Most management consulting firms can offer strategies, but few can produce solutions due to their lack of technological capabilities. In contrast most technical consulting firms can deliver technical solutions, but often fail to tailor them to fit the business processes of the organization because they do not understand the business objectives behind the project. By providing consultants that are equipped with both business understanding and technical expertise, Torus Group LLC can produce results that bridge the gap between business objectives and technical solutions in an efficient and timely manner.

By providing the highest quality professional information technology planning and integration services, Torus Group LLC creates a link between business entities and current information systems technologies. Our efforts enable clients to benefit from blending the strengths of our business expertise and mastery of new technologies with the knowledge base of their organization. By cultivating an active, involved and lasting partnership with our clients and consultants, together we deliver outstanding results and long term returns.